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For parents, caregivers & professionals in service to children with a neurodiversity, learning differences, and/or complex health needs

Christine L’Abbé and Cindy Kaplan help parents answer the question “what now?” after a diagnosis by bridging the gap between the parent's inner healing and deep self-understanding and their ability to create an optimal environment for the whole family to thrive in greater joy and health.

Through powerful and educational discussions, live Q&A's and group coaching, Christine and Cindy teach families about conscious parenting and the power of our own inner expansion and clear intention so the whole family can transform, evolve and access meaningful fulfilling lives.

This comprehensive and supportive program serves to empower parents to write their own narrative and not be limited to the stories we’ve been taught to believe.

Evolving Together supports parents to see beyond the diagnosis and move families into a new realm of possibilities.

"Evolving Together is exactly what parents of differently abled children need!
I can’t think of two better people than Cindy Kaplan and Christine L'Abbé, both certified Conscious Parenting coaches and parents of amazing differently abled children to bring this into the world.
Evolving Together is monumental! This program is not only providing support for parents in this demanding and often overwhelming parenting task, but ushering these parents through a process shifting the way we see special needs so that parents feel empowered to step into their fullest lives in order for their children to fully step into theirs."
- Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & NY Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family
$149 USD
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Support Your Child At Home With Mindful NeuroMovement®

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® uses movement in ways that awaken the capacity of the brain to create new neural pathways and possibilities.

Learn to guide your child through gentle movements from the comfort of your home, to rewire your child's brain to improve balance, coordination, and learning potency.


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A video collection that empowers parents and professionals in service to children deemed ‘different’ to create an optimal learning environment for them to thrive

Through powerful and educational content, our speakers bridge the gap between western medicine and holistic approaches.

Learn how to consciously connect with children and create opportunities for them to explore, discover and express their innate potential.

Also included are mindful practices to nourish your child's inner world right at home.


$129 USD
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A drug-free, multi-therapy program for overcoming difficulties related to Learning Disabilities, ADHD & ASD

We go beyond band-aid approaches Like IEPs, medication and endless tutoring, and address the ROOT CAUSE of learning and behavior difficulties.

The full potential academy lab is a virtual 6-month program that transforms behavior, focus, mood & learning.


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Adrienne Penebre created Moovy Studio to provide somatic nourishment to stressed-out, busy, exhausted “everything doers.” Moovy’s unique brain-centred movement “blueprints” guide you gently into transformational experiences that remap brain connections, restore neuro-receptivity, and retune your nervous system.

If you’re looking to overcome pain, restore vitality, and show up better for yourself and the ones you love, then you’ll love your tune-in time with Moovy. 


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