Virtual Classes & Workshops

We’ve teamed up with practitioners from across North America to bring you classes, workshops and online resources to guide you and your children on your journey to healing and transformation.

90-Day Transformative Health Program for Adults

WILDFIT revolves around a direct focus on creating and sustaining a lifestyle that best suits
you and your future.

This 90 day program is designed to not shame you for your choices, but rather
educate you to a point where you’ll never lose sight of your health and wellness again, and
as a result develop an entirely new relationship with food.

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Virtual Movement Learning Studio for Adults

Adrienne Penebre created Moovy Studio to provide somatic nourishment to stressed-out, busy, exhausted “everything doers.” Moovy’s unique brain-centred movement “blueprints” guide you gently into transformational experiences that remap brain connections, restore neuro-receptivity, and retune your nervous system.

If you’re looking to overcome pain, restore vitality, and show up better for yourself and the ones you love, then you’ll love your tune-in time with Moovy.

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Self-Paced Self-Care Program for Parents & Caregivers

Begin your self-care journey in the comfort of your own home with this Self-Paced Program for parents of neurodivergent children. Led by experienced practitioners who have been in your shoes, the workshop contains three hours of content broken into six videos focused on physical self, emotional self and soul care self, plus eight self-care practices.

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Self-Paced Adaptive Yoga Series for Your Special Child

This self-paced adaptive yoga series invites your special needs child to explore self-expression in unique, playful ways while learning to find stillness within.

The series includes three yoga classes (morning yoga, good night yoga and animal yoga) plus one meditation. All classes have been adapted for your differently-abled child, and are great for parent and child to do together.

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Evolving Together: A Virtual Parent Community

Evolving Together is a global virtual holistic membership-based community focused on supporting parents and caregivers of differently-abled children. Together, we Heal, Connect, and Learn. We grow and evolve to discover and express what it truly means to show up both for ourselves and for our children.

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Sound Bath Immersion Classes for Families (LIVE)

Practice “being” with your differently-abled child while allowing memories, emotions and past trauma to move through you. 

This LIVE virtual class supports neurodivergent children–who tend to be very sensorial and feel sound vibrations deeply–to connect with their bodies while allowing parents to receive the healing properties, both heard and felt, of the pure crystal bowls.

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Mindful Movement Classes for Parents (LIVE)

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® uses movement in ways that awaken the capacity of the brain to create new connections and  possibilities.

Lessons utilize gentle movements that help parents discover easier and more efficient ways to move, clearer and more creative thinking, and greater vitality and well-being.

A practice that offers parents an opportunity to enhance self-awareness and connect more deeply with the feeling body.

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Self-Paced MindfullMoves Camp for Caregivers

Support your child with developmental delays or disabilities right at home.

Over 3 days there will be 10+ Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® practitioners and Movement Specialists helping you to use brain-based techniques in the comfort of your home.

This means you will know exactly how to support your child at home, with respect and dignity (no force, tears or pain needed to create huge changes for your child!!!).

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Showing-Up For Neurodivergent Kids, Part 1

In this 3 hour workshop, you will receive an introduction to conscious parenting for the special child.

Here, you will gain a better understanding of the correlation between your own healing and your ability to truly see and support your child in the ways they need it most.

You will also receive actionable tools and practices to begin the process of self healing, self regulation and self love.

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Showing-Up For Neurodivergent Kids, Part 2

In this 3 hour workshop, you will receive guidelines to empower you to create an optimal environment for your child to develop and thrive.

Here, you will gain a better understanding of what it means to support your child to explore and discover their innate potential.

You will also receive actionable tools and practices to begin parenting your special child consciously and with intention.

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Siblings: How to Support Them?

In this 3 hour workshop, you will become more aware of your child's process and experience as they navigate life with a differently-abled sibling.

Here, you will gain a better understanding of what might come up, and how you can become empowered to support them to prevent lasting trauma and behavioural patterns, and facilitate a safe space where siblings can openly share their feelings.

You will also learn how your children can greatly benefit from having a differently-abled sibling, by opening them up to gifts they otherwise never knew they had.

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Practicing Consciously

To serve differently-abled children in a way that aligns with who they are and what gifts they are meant to share with us, we must first be willing to unlearn what we’ve been taught about neurodiverse children. This requires opening ourselves to new possibilities and creating ways to flow and co-create with them to identify and express their unique innate potential.

This 3 hour program will teach you techniques to make subtle shifts in your service delivery that are designed to have an enormous impact on your ability to connect with your differently-abled clients, which will lead to better outcomes.

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