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We’ve teamed up with practitioners from across North America to bring you classes, workshops and online resources to guide you and your children on your journey to healing and transformation.

Evolving Together: A Virtual Parent Community & Content Library

Evolving Together is a global community and content library with over 50 content videos and practices focused on supporting families of neurodivergent kids.

Here you will learn to break free from conditioning and outdated beliefs about your child, feel supported and guided on your self-healing journey, find balance with self-care practices that work in non-typical family lives, understand what an optimal learning environment looks and feels like for your child, how to consciously connect with your kids and so much more!

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Self-Paced Self-Care Program for Parents & Caregivers

Begin your self-care journey in the comfort of your own home with this Self-Paced Program for parents of neurodivergent children.

Led by experienced practitioners who have been in your shoes, the workshop contains three hours of content broken into six videos focused on self-care for the physical self, the emotional self and the soul self + eight self-care practices to incorporate at home. 

Begin your self-healing journey today.

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Virtual Movement Learning Studio for Adults

Adrienne Penebre created Moovy Studio to provide somatic nourishment to stressed-out, busy, exhausted “everything doers.” Moovy’s unique brain-centred movement “blueprints” guide you gently into transformational experiences that remap brain connections, restore neuro-receptivity, and retune your nervous system.

If you’re looking to overcome pain, restore vitality, and show up better for yourself and the ones you love, then you’ll love your tune-in time with Moovy.


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Support Your Child at Home Using the Principles of Brain Plasticity

Help your child create new possibilities right at home.

Learn from 10+ Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® practitioners and Movement Specialists how to use brain-based techniques in the comfort of your home.

This means you will know exactly how to support your child at home, with respect and dignity (no force, tears or pain needed to create huge changes for your them!!!).

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Support Your Child At Home With Mindful NeuroMovement®

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® uses movement in ways that awaken the capacity of the brain to create new neural pathways and possibilities.

Learn to guide your child through gentle, respectful exercises, from the comfort of your home, to rewire your child's brain to improve balance, coordination, and learning potency.

A practice that offers children an opportunity to learn about themselves and connect more deeply with the feeling body.

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The Full Potential Academy Lab

A drug-free, multi-therapy program for overcoming difficulties related to Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism Spectrum.

We go beyond band-aid approaches Like IEPs, medication and endless tutoring, and address the ROOT CAUSE of learning and behavior difficulties.

The full potential academy lab is a virtual 6-month program that transforms behavior, focus, mood & learning.

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Guiding Your Child Towards Possibilities

Part 1 - The Parent

In this workshop, you will receive an introduction to conscious parenting for the special child.

Here, you will gain a better understanding of the correlation between your own healing and your ability to truly see and support your child in the ways they need it most.

You will also receive actionable tools and practices to begin the process of self healing, self regulation and self love.

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Guiding Your Child Towards Possibilities

Part 2 - The Child

In this workshop, you will learn to practice presence so you can begin being fully present to yourself, your child or those you are of service to.

Begin to understand the art of creating safe space for a child to learn about themselves and feel free to express their authentic nature.

Learn to practice cultivating an authentic connection with yourself and your child, where you can connect with and attune to them on a deep level.

Finally, begin learning to observe children from the lens of unconditional love and curiosity, make understanding them a priority.


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Guiding Your Child Towards Possibilities

Part 3 - The Environment

In this workshop, you will learn to co-create a learning environment that is in alignment with the child, where they are now, and where they’re going.

Begin your own exploration of possibilities as a way to understand how to show your child the expansiveness of what is available to them, no matter their label, condition, physical shell, or other. Remember that you have to understand the expansiveness of your own being to guide another towards theirs.

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