Evolving Together

Powerful discussions between Christine L’Abbé and Cindy Kaplan that empower parents to write their own narrative and not be limited to the stories we’ve been taught to believe.

In this video collection, you will have access to a variety of self-care practices, reflection work and meditations to assist you in your mindset shift.

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Powerful & Educational Discussions

Christine and Cindy teach families about conscious parenting and the power of our own inner expansion and clear intention so the whole family can transform, evolve and access meaningful fulfilling lives.

Self-Care Practices

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to explore program videos featuring self-care practices such as somatic movement, yoga, meditation, and breath work as a part of their healing journey.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & NY Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family

"Evolving Together is exactly what parents of differently abled children need!

I can’t think of two better people than Cindy Kaplan and Christine L'Abbé, both certified Conscious Parenting coaches and parents of amazing differently abled children to bring this into the world.
Evolving Together is monumental! This program is not only providing support for parents in this demanding and often overwhelming parenting task, but ushering these parents through a process shifting the way we see special needs so that parents feel empowered to step into their fullest lives in order for their children to fully step into theirs."


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Having Christine as a coach is a blessing, I have worked with other professionals before but she is different. She is very good at identifying and describing the current problem and suggesting the ways to deal with the problem.

She is very easy to talk and open up to, by creating a safe place we were able to uncover a lot during our sessions.

As a parent of a neurodivergent child, I believe she has gone the same way prior, and now she has become a great compassionate guide for others.


Evolving together is a community where parents can find some answers, guidance and help for their differently-abled children.

We are at the beginning of our journey with our 4-year-old girl, and we are learning how to connect with her, how to become more conscious about her needs and how to advocate for her.

 Advocating for them is very important and we need to give up the idea that different kids need to be “fixed”. Instead, we should focus on creating an environment where they can develop and reach their full potential.

Christine advised us that it is very important to know how to respond to the child's needs, and to adapt to her changing needs, so that she feels safe and connected with us.

Christine shows us how to make her feel safe, make her know that she is heard and encouraged her to keep going.

Thank you Christine, for the effort and involvement to bring everyone together!


Evolve Movement is the community I have been looking for since my daughter was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  

In my desperate search to find treatments for my daughter's devastating disease, I kept cutting time for self-care and enjoying my wonderful child. Thanks to coaching sessions with Christine, I am more balanced, centered and energized to continue my journey as a special needs mom.



Meet Your Instructors

Christine L’Abbé is the CEO of Evolve Movement, an integrative, conscious and holistic network of support for families of children with a neurodiversity. She is also a Pediatric Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner, Conscious Parenting Coach and the author of Our Superpowers: Celebrating Differently-Abled Kids and Their Siblings. Because of her personal experiences as a parent to a daughter with Rett Syndrome, Christine is passionate about awakening others to the magnificence that lies in neurodiverse children, how they are meant to be supported and guided towards their innate potential, and how their presence leads us all to expand and uncover gifts within ourselves we never knew we had.

Christine has been featured on Dr. Shefali Tsabary's Parenting Mastery summit 2023, CTV, TVA, Global News, among other conferences, media sources and podcasts where she speaks of her transformational journey as a parent to a differently abled child and shares her wisdom about the opportunity that is available to families like hers to access possibilities never imagined before.

Cindy Kaplan is the Co-Founder of the Evolve Membership Community (Evolving Together). Wise and grounded, Cindy is a soulful embodiment of the values enshrined in Conscious Parenting, a method that forms the backbone of the Evolve approach to supporting healing for parents of differently-abled children. 

A Conscious Parenting Coach, Cindy has artfully woven together her natural empathy, astute coaching instincts, and facilitation skills for the Evolve community and is guided in her work by her transformative experiences as a mother to Mira, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

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