In this on-demand workshop, you will learn a variety of self-care practices that can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your non-typical family. You will discover new ways to create a harmonious and judgment-free household that empowers you to tune into your soul’s calling  while remaining present for your loved ones.

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We KNOW that parents who learn to love and care for themselves transform their lives and the lives of the children they care for.


It often opens doors to new, unexpected possibilities.

And yet, when was the last time you took the time to invest in yourself in ways that made you feel nourished, both inside and out?

Break free from old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

This Self-Care Workshop for Parents shows us how to come back home to ourselves and create an environment that nourishes and energizes rather than burns us out.

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Say GOODBYE to burnout and lack, & HELLO to joy and abundance.

This course teaches you to incorporate self-care into your daily life through:

  • The Physical Self: Building Self-Awareness and Learning to Feel Again - Learn how movement and caring for your physical self can be the stepping stone towards deeper emotional awareness and wellbeing.
  • The Emotional Self: Understanding Into Healing - Explore what it means to reach emotional maturity, how to manage stress, set boundaries, practice self-compassion and begin the practice of understanding yourself on a deeper level.
  • The Soul Self: Finding Alignment and Authenticity - When you are not aligned, you expend energy. When you are not authentic, you expend energy. In this section, learn how to listen to your inner voice to be guided towards what feels most aligned with your soul self, making way for your authentic self to shine. 
  • Eight self-care practices to get your self-care journey started.
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Learn how to create space to come back to balance, to your centre, to equilibrium.

Meet Your Instructors

Evolve Co-Founder and CEO Christine L’Abbé is a fierce advocate for families with differently-abled children and has a clear vision for a new model of care that is based on strengths, not limitations. Her work is bringing to life an alternative model of care that Christine and her colleagues call a Holistic Family Healing Approach. 

Because of her own experiences with her daughter with Atypical Rett Syndrome, Christine is passionate about using education to empower other families like hers. Christine sees perfection in every differently-abled child she meets. And she wants every parent to receive support in healing from their own trauma so they can foster the healthy development of their differently-abled children and their siblings.

Cindy Kaplan is the Co-Founder of the Evolve Membership Community (Evolving Together). Wise and grounded, Cindy is a soulful embodiment of the values enshrined in Conscious Parenting, a method that forms the backbone of the Evolve approach to supporting healing for parents of differently-abled children. 


A Conscious Parenting Coach, Cindy has artfully woven together her natural empathy, astute coaching instincts, and facilitation skills for the Evolve community and is guided in her work by her transformative experiences as a mother to Mira, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

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