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The Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach that uses differentiation, refinement, and increased complexity of movement patterns to upgrade the functioning of the brain. 

Our virtual NeuroMovement® lessons offer parents an opportunity to enhance self-awareness and connect more deeply with the feeling body through the practice of subtle physical movements.

Thursdays @ 12pm (EST), USD $10 per person, per class

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We understand that parenting a neurodivergent child comes with multiple layers of responsibility. As a caregiver, this can bring up big emotions

Most of us tend to push our feelings and needs to the side, believing ignoring them is the only way to survive each overwhelming day.

Unfortunately, we forget that these emotions don’t just go away on their own. They get trapped in the body, and often lead to feeling physically restricted, blocked, or worse, illness. 

Evolve’s virtual NeuroMovement® lessons offer parents an opportunity to enhance self-awareness through the practice of subtle physical movements.

In this safe, non-judgmental space, you are invited to connect more deeply with your feeling body, which empowers you to heal, build resilience, and shift your mindset.



Instead of focusing primarily on verbal processing–which can sometimes feel like it goes too deep too fast or will make us come “undone”--with NeuroMovement® we work directly through the physical body.

This creates room for us to build new neural pathways and awakens the brain to a greater sense of possibility because we gain access to expanded, more creative views of how to solve problems. 

Over time, we find that our inner and outer bodies (aka emotional and physical bodies) begin to mirror each other. This creates an opening to welcome a full range of emotions, empowering us to be more fully present both for ourselves and our children.


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How does it work?


In the classes you will be encouraged to slow down, feel, and explore movement possibilities while bringing awareness to areas that could participate more or less. The practitioner will guide you through a series of movements, and attention will be key.

You will be asked to feel:

  • What is participating
  • Where you feel restricted
  • If there is anything you could do to decrease the resistance
  • If you are forcing
  • If you could do less

By paying attention to moving in new and different ways, new neural pathways are formed and old inactive pathways are awoken. These pathways all come to life and become available for your brain to pull from when needed in future activities and movements. The activation in the brain leads to new ways of thinking, and newfound ability to feel, leading to greater self-awareness and emotional healing.


Classes are verbally guided and begin with sitting, standing or lying on a mat. They are designed to help you become more aware of yourself, how you move, how you approach new scenarios, and how you deal with challenges.

No visual demonstration is offered (this would distract you from feeling and focusing on yourself). There is no correct or incorrect way to engage. There are only boundaries and intentions that you may be redirected to if you wander far from the intended movement.

There is no stretching or straining. Instead, you will be guided and made aware of areas of your body that are limiting you or not participating in a movement. By exploring variations, new neural pathways are formed (or old ones are woken up), leading to an improvement in the original movement. 

Parents are encouraged to attend multiple classes to get comfortable with the practice and to unlock the full benefits of NeuroMovement®. 

Join us for this week's class

Meet Your Instructor, Christine L'Abbé

Evolve Co-Founder and CEO Christine L’Abbé is a fierce advocate for families with differently-abled children and has a clear vision for a new model of care that is based on strengths, not limitations. Her work is bringing to life an alternative model of care that Christine and her colleagues call a Holistic Family Healing Approach. 

Because of her own experiences with her daughter with Atypical Rett Syndrome, Christine is passionate about using education to empower other families like hers. Christine sees perfection in every differently-abled child she meets. And she wants every parent to receive support in healing from their own trauma so they can foster the healthy development of their differently-abled children and their siblings.


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