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Over a dozen talks between Christine L’Abbé & Cindy Kaplan about breaking free from conditioning and outdated beliefs about our kids, self-healing and self-care, the power of intention as we support our children towards the discovery and expression of their innate potential, conscious parenting and conscious connection with our neurodivergent children and their siblings.

Over TWO dozen talks with seasoned professionals. These resources educate and empower you to create an optimal environment for your child to develop and thrive while inviting you deeper into your own self-healing journey.

Virtual self-care practices, such as guided meditations, somatic movement lessons, yoga classes, breathing exercises, sound baths, reflection work and more.

Don't forget collaborative support – the entire Evolve team is here to support you and answer your questions.

NEW CONTENT added to your library EVERY SINGLE MONTH & LIFETIME ACCESS to all the videos in your library.


LIVE group video calls with speakers for Q&A


Interviews with respected and renowned guest speakers/authors such as Dr. Ross Greene, Suzi Lula, Mark Mincolla, and more.


Parents and caregivers, you play a critical role in your neurodivergent child's ability to access their innate potential and yet, most us lack a deeper understanding of HOW to do that and WHAT that actually looks and feels like, all the while taking care of ourselves and the rest of our family.

This journey often feels lonely and has it's challenges as we experience much of our childhood wounds coming to the surface in the early stages, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what is best for our child as we enter new territory - you NEED support, just as your child does. 

WE are here for you. WE see you. And more importantly, WE SEE YOUR CHILD.

At Evolving Together, we are committed to helping you break free from outdated beliefs about your child, heal, find balance, and become empowered to create an optimal environment for your children to discover and express their innate potential.

We are building a vibrant online community led by compassionate, caring professionals who have walked in your shoes. And we are here to support you, the parents and caregivers of differently-abled children, in every corner of the world.

We believe that your ability to connect authentically with your child is the most important factor in creating the conditions for them to develop and thrive. And in order to create this authentic connection, you first must learn to connect with yourself so you can heal and open to new possibilities for yourself, your child, and what the future holds.

At Evolving Together, we provide the just right blend of support from our practitioners, resources, and community to help you find your footing in this brand new territory.

When it comes to creating change for neurodivergent kids, we are stronger together, louder and more powerful as a collective - l et’s connect, grow, and evolve together, let’s change the way our kids are supported so they may finally have the opportunity to shine their magnificent light.





  • Incorporate more self-care and self love into your non-typical family environment.
  • Begin or deepen your self-healing journey and learn why this is a key step towards showing up for your child in the way they need it most.
  • View your child and parenting journey from a fresh perspective, giving both you and your child access to a whole new life.
  • Parent consciously, creating an optimal environment for your child to explore, discover and express their innate potential.

In Evolving Together, we guide you to awaken and transform on your journey back home to yourself, which in turns empowers you to fully support your child to discover their own freedom and joy.

Evolving Together is exactly what parents of differently abled children need!

I can’t think of two better people than Cindy Kaplan and Christine L'Abbé, both certified Conscious Parenting coaches and parents of amazing differently abled children to bring this into the world.

Evolving Together is monumental! This membership community is not only providing support for parents in this demanding and often overwhelming parenting task, but ushering these parents through a process shifting the way we see special needs so that parents feel empowered to step into their fullest lives in order for their children to fully step into theirs.

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & NY Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent & The Awakened Family

Meet Your Hosts

Cindy Kaplan

Cindy is a Conscious Parenting Coach certified through Dr. Shefali’s Conscious Parenting Institute as well as the Parent Coaching Institute in Seattle. She is also the Co-founder and Director of Evolving Together: an online membership community for parents and caregivers of differently-abled children and the author of Freefall: One Mother's Journey Raising a Child with Special Needs.
Find her at: www.cindykcoaching.com.

Christine L'Abbé

Christine L’Abbé is the CEO of Evolve Movement, a conscious and holistic network of support for families of neurodivergent children. She is also a Pediatric Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner, Conscious Parenting Coach and the author of Our Superpowers: Celebrating Differently-Abled Kids and Their Siblings. Because of her personal experiences as a parent to a daughter with Rett Syndrome, Christine is passionate about awakening others to the magnificence that lies in neurodivergent children, how they are meant to be supported and guided towards their innate potential, and how their presence leads us all to expand and uncover gifts within ourselves we never knew we had.

You can find her at: www.christinelabbe.com

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Did you know that Christine L'Abbé & Cindy Kaplan were speakers for Dr Shefali's Parenting Mastery Summit 2023